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Treatment of gums / Gum surgery

Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are infections of the gums which gradually debride the bone, supporting ligaments and loosening of natural teeth.

Difference between Healthy gums and gums with Gingivitis

Healthy Gums

1. Gums are firm, pink in color and do not bleed.
2. No gum recession is present.
3. Teeth are held firmly in place with no damage to supporting bone structure.



1. Gums appear red and swollen.
2. Bleeding may occur when gums are touched.
3. Teeth are still firmly in place with no damage to supporting bone structure.



1. Loss of gum/tooth attachment occur.
2. Pockets form between teeth and gums.
3. Tissue that binds teeth to bone is inflamed.
4. Bone loss occurs.


Advanced Periodontitis

1. Gums recede dramatically from teeth.
2. Pockets deepen severely and may hold pus.
3. Teeth become extremely loose and may fall out or need to be extracted.
4. Severe bone loss occurs.


Non Surgical Treatments

It includes scaling and root planing.

Cosmetic periodontal surgeries

1. Crown lengthening
2. Gingivectomy
3. Pocket reduction procedures
4. Regenerative procedures.
5. Crown lengthening
6. Soft tissue grafts
7. Rich augmentation
8. Bone grafting

Laser Technology in Gum Treatments

Lasers have many benefits like high precision in tissue removal, minimum damage to
surrounding tissues, minimum bleeding, ensuring a better view of the operating site,
effective protection against infection, minimum scar formation, reduction for the need of anesthesia and virtually no post operative wound pain.


1. Treatment of gum infection
2. Gum enlargement therapy
3. Laser crown lengthening procedures
4. Various flap surgeries using lasers
5. Frenectomy

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