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Pedodontics or Pediatric Dentistry

It is of the most important to build up a healthy habitat within the children. Paediatric Dentistry is concerned with providing preventive and therapeutic oral health care for children and infants.

It deals with the various dental health improvement procedures for children during their growth phases for avoiding future dental problems. The paediatric dentistry deals with carious dental issues among the children and infants, like cavity, tooth extraction, Counselling etc.

The dental life in the child hood is of the most important as it defines the dental growth and the factors that influence the growth and the health of the teeth in adult hood. The paediatric dentistry will helps in building a healthy habitat in the child hood itself such that the health of the teeth is maintained.

The paediatric dentistry also helps in providing various healthy advices and precaution to the teeth issues in the children and the infants. Our clinic provides special treatment facilities to the children sans infants.


Cavity is also called as tooth decay and it is a most common disease found among the children and the infants. Cavity refers to the hole or the room space that appears on the teeth due to decaying or infection. Tooth decay or cavity is a disease caused by the bacteria.

The cavity is never a life threatening disease and is very much preventable by means of a proper oral hygiene. Normally any ones mouth is full of bacteria. These bacteria in the mouth help in the digestion process and hence it is not harmful. When these bacteria sticks together it will form a plaque, and this will get stick on to the teeth.

This happens because of improper cleaning. The main bacteria of the plaque that causes cavity are called Streptococcus mutans. The cavity on the tooth has got a tendency to grow bigger and deeper with time if no proper precautions are taken to stop cavity. As mentioned the cavity is a preventable disease with proper care and good habit.

Children and infants are the most to be infected with cavity problems. With a proper regulations and care and avoiding various problem making foods one can easily prevent the cavity. We have got special paediatric dental doctors to deal with various cavity issues that can occur among the infants and children.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is the process of removing a tooth from jaw. The dentist makes use of special tools for to pull out the tooth from the jaw for an extraction of tooth. There might be situations where the tooth extraction to be carried out quickly so as to prevent some other factors like infection and decaying from spreading.

Tooth extraction is mainly performed when a tooth cannot be restored or repaired by any means. The surgeons who are specialised in the surgeries of the mouth are the qualified personals to remove the tooth (or tooth extraction). Before the process of the tooth extraction the patients are provided with the aesthesia to numb the areas of the tooth extraction.

The dosage of the aesthesia is increased according to the complexity involved in the tooth extraction. A general aesthesia can prevent the whole body from pain and the patient will fall asleep during the tooth extraction process. Once the teeth form the mouth is removed the patient is asked to gently bite down on a cotton gauze pad to stop the bleeding.

The dentist may also stiches the wound formed due to the tooth extraction in severe cases. The tooth extraction on the children will require a healing period of three to four days. The tooth extractions on children are carried out with our specially trained dentists.

We take care of all the dental issues found in the children and do provide a solution to the issues in a most effective manner.

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