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Prosthodontics is all about correcting the appearance, speech, swallowing issues. Issues like injury, accidents can cause a negative impact on the shape or appearance of the face. The Prosthodontics provides various dental solutions for retaining the shape. A Prosthodontics is characterised with the ability of restoring the functional and aesthetic features that are missing or damaged. The Prosthodontics initiates his/her treatment process by carefully diagnosing the problem of the patient.

The diagnosing results are used to determine the treatment to be carried out on the patient to solve his/her dental issue. The treatment performed on the patient on behalf of Prosthodontics can be summated as the results of the work done by Dental Lab Workers, Dental Technician, and General Dentist. Prosthodontics can be categorised in to two, as removable and fixed. The Fixed Prosthodontics involves solving the issues by placing an artificially made dental component permanently on to the patients dental to solve the patient issue as a part of the treatment.

The Removable Prosthodontics deals with the application of removable or replaceable dental components as on to the dental in order to solve the dental issue. Prosthodontics makes use of artificially made components for restoring the shape as an alternate to the lost biological parts. Our prosthodontics services aims at maximizing the correctness of appearance for our patients. We provide various Prosthodontics services like Dental Bridges, Dentures, Crowns, Obturators, Eye prosthesis (Ocular prosthesis), etc.

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